Get behind the fourth wall... then get off.


Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover

I remember having one classic conversation with George Harrison, I said, “Look, George, I want to get off the label,” and George ended the conversation, and as I say it now I almost feel like I’m lying with the devil’s tongue, but I swear George said to me, ‘You’ll stay on the fucking label. Hare Krishna.’
Paul McCartney (via mccartneymadness)
Well, look who’s sassy! :P

Well, look who’s sassy! :P

I remember saying to my dad: “The backwards solo guitar on that Hendrix thing is just the sickest thing I ever heard.” Dad just replied, without looking up from his tea: “I did the first backwards guitar solo on ‘I’m Only Sleeping’
Dhani Harrison (via mccartneymadness)
Ringo always used to say George was the most social ‘recluse’ he knew. If you came to the house, there would always be people there. If he walked in the room now, he would make you smile. He had a great presence, and he was an uplifting person. He could be grumpy too, but he didn’t like people around him to be unhappy. He liked everyone to be having a good time. Otherwise it was a waste of life. People say life is too short and it is.
Olivia Harrison on her late husband George, The Independent, 19 October 2005 (via thateventuality)


"Okay, well, how did I kill the person? Where’s the murder weapon?"
"Close your eyes for a sec."

Jacksfilms’ Sherlock parody

I like hipsters. As trousers, not as people.
george harrison (via eowywn)